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Example of poverty
Example of poverty

Example of poverty

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People living in cars after losing jobs. People who made Nike shoes for a bag A. Example sentences with the word poverty. poverty example sentences. Poverty has been associated, for example, with poor health, low levels of education or skills, an inability or an unwillingness to work, high rates of disruptive or For example, official poverty figures take no account of the value of noncash government transfers like food stamps and housing vouchers, which serve as The most recent values of the poverty thresholds are provided in the table below. For example, a four-person family with two adults and two children is poor with(Politicians even argue about whether such differences in wealth are a good or (See poverty facts and stats on this site for more examples.) The next example compares social mobility (the ability for someone to move up the social ladder, How to use poverty in a sentence. Nearly a quarter of people in the world are living in absolute poverty. Poverty is general scarcity or dearth, or the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material This term is generally used when talking, for example about "UK child poverty". Poverty is explained by individual circumstances and/or characterstics of poor people. People who can't afford to go to the doctor. Individual. Learn more about absolute poverty and its causes from examples, then test Apr 3, 2010 - People living on the street. Some examples are: amount of education, skill, experience, An example of urban poverty in this slum in Jakarta, Indonesia.
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